Poker Chips


Spacious living your poker games, you will have noticed that not all poker chips are exactly the same. Some are serious, some are very well designed, while some of them have this nice clean sound when they land on the boat. Know the difference between different types of poker chips before buying as a chipset probably take several years.

Plastic Poker Chips
Naturally poker chips are plastic states of various types of plastic, such as its name. What does this mean for you? Well, first of all, you can find these chips easier than in other parts, metal, for example. As a result, you will realize that these chips are much cheaper. The material is not only cheaper, but also save a lot in shipping due to his lighter. Even if you think less quality, less equal, this chip will work as well as others. It is a matter of preference. That is, if you are on a budget and want a good home gaming chips are for you to enjoy.

Poker chips metal
A good alternative is heavier and more durable metal plastic chip. Poker metal chips weigh 8 grams and is 11.5 Beside those found in casinos, these chips are surrounded by a core of metal and plastic. The metal insert piece gives a clear and bright, as the mix or throw them into the pot.

Clay Poker Chips
Last but not least, the sound chip. These clay poker chips are definitely the most preferred type of poker players. Made of clay and other materials, weighing chip 8 to 11.5 grams and a diameter of 39 mm standard casino. While these chips are generally more expensive, they are definitely worth the price. They are usually hard, shipping is usually expensive, depending on the quantity you order. That said, I suggest you buy always reliable online stores offer free shipping on all chipsets.

How much should you buy?
A chipset usually in increments of a hundred just 100 units over a thousand more available. The amount you should buy depends on the size of your party. If you are unsure of the amount you want to order, it’s always better, a little more than what you think you may need to be ordered. I recommend: 2 Players – 3-4 players, 100 sheets – 200 Chips 5-6 players – 400 Tokens 6-7 players – 600 sheets + 8 to 10 players – 800 tabs

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